“Designul inseamna provocarea constanta de a balansa confortul cu luxul, utilul cu frumosul.” Donna Karan

E04 Cement Sydney medium grey



A floor made of ter Hürne Luxury Design Tiles remains pleasantly quiet and unobtrusive during daily use. This is due to the soft and flexible texture of the ter Hürne vinyl which ensures that impact and footfall sound is noticeably absorbed and background noise in the room is distinctly reduced, which continuously enhances living comfort.

Simply comfortable.


ter Hürne Luxury Vinyl Tiles are not indestructible but can take quite a bit of rough handling. This is mainly due to their „product genetics“, particularly the intelligent material formula as a whole and its individual components. The main component is vinyl, which is naturally elastic. Impacts are absorbed more effectively than on hard floor coverings, which is why damage to the surface – the most sensitive part of a floor – occurs less frequently on ter Hürne Luxury Vinyl Tiles. To protect the surface as well as the decor from external influences like wear as optimally as possible, it is sealed with a transparent wear layer and a transparent PU layer so the floor remains lastingly and sustainably beautiful.

Simply comfortable.

Easy to care for – for people who prefer living to care and maintenance

A floor made of ter Hürne Luxury Vinyl Tiles is very easy to clean. The surface of the floor is sealed with a transparent PU layer which ensures unevenness is smoothed on a micro level. Everyday dirt does not accumulate as quickly on the surface and can therefore be removed easily even if it remains there a bit longer than usual. Quite often dirt is accompanied by unpleasant deposits like accumulated bacteria. An intelligent material component in ter Hürne vinyl has an antibacterial effect which reduces the spread of bacteria. But sometimes soiling is caused without any active effort, e.g. by dust which tends to accumulate on floors. The antistatic property of the ter Hürne Luxury Vinyl Tiles counteracts this and deters the formation of dust bunnies.

Simply comfortable.

Easy installation

Only ter Hürne Luxury Vinyl Tiles feature the CLICKitEaSY connection which is unique among vinyl solid profiles. The long sides of the planks are equipped with a click connection that enables easy connection of the planks row by row. The special feature of ter Hürne CLICKitEaSY: The top edges – i.e. the short sides of the planks – also have a very special „lock connection“ where the top edges are placed next to each other and connected by pushing them lightly – like pushing a door closed. An audible click indicates that connection has taken place successfully and securely – creating a strong connection. It is not possible to install a floor more easily, quickly or securely today.

Simply comfortable.


The ter Hürne Luxury Vinyl Tiles can handle water very well since the natural properties of the material include the inability to absorb water. As a result, the tiles are suitable for all areas which are subject to heavier dirt accumulation and therefore require wet cleaning. The Luxury Vinyl Tiles are also the perfect choice for flooring in rooms – especially the bathroom or the kitchen – where water is used. For if some water or similar liquid is spilled and remains undetected for a while, it can still be completely removed.

Simply comfortable.

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